Spring break in Mexico? Don't forget to call home!

To many, the seasonal transition to Spring signifies longer day light hours, warmer conditions and light rains – to some it means only one thing, Spring break!

Every year thousands of high school, undergraduate and graduate students travel to Mexico to experience a Spring break vacation with family and friends.

For those traveling to Mexico city, Tijuana, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Monterrey or any other Mexican vacation spot – Mexico phone cards are a great way to save money while vacationing, traveling or working abroad in Mexico. Calling cards can be used from pay phones, land lines, and hotel phones and offer significant savings on international phone calls from Mexico to help you call home while on Spring Break for less!

Purchase a refillable Mexican phone card to call from Mexico today and call home to tell those you’ve left behind about the vacation of a lifetime.

The Mariachi  phone card allows you to call from Mexico to the United States for as little as 2.6¢/min using a local access number and for 7.1¢/min using a toll free number in Mexico. The card has an 89¢ weekly maintenance fee which helps to keep per minute call costs low. Considering many pay phones and resort phones in Mexico charge $1-$2US dollars per minute for phone calls – the Mariachi card is truly your cheapest option for calling to the US from Mexico! 

Please note: Unfortunately, Telmex Public Pay Phones are the only phones available for international calls from Cancun and Playa Del Carmen and require a physical Telmex phone card to be inserted into the machine for phone calls from Mexico to go through. USA bought Mexico calling cards cannot be used from these phones and those purchased before arrival in Mexico will not allow you to call home.

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