How To Travel on a Budget

Everyone wants to travel, but not everyone has thousands of dollars to throw away. Us poor people need to get creative with our travel plans. Cut your costs with these easy tips. Of course, the number one tip is to use ComFi Web-callback feature, which will allow you to call friends from any computer in the world! And our rates are way better than those of your cell phone provider.

Here are some other, yet still useful, tips for you:

1. Be flexible with your flight dates. Leaving a day earlier or a couple of days later may save you hundreds on a flight. Experiment with dates and times on If you get an overseas roundtrip flight under a thousand dollars, you should consider yourself lucky, and grab it before it’s gone!

2. Plan your trip around the location of friends’ couches. If you are lucky enough to know people living abroad, make sure you contact them ahead of time and ask them to stay over. Say you are passing through for a few days and would appreciate a couple of nights on the couch.

3. Research free attractions. Google the @#$^ out of your destination to find free stuff there is to do. Sometimes these include off-beat activities, but those can be fun too! And you may be surprised as to how much more of the culture you can actually experience staying away from museum tours, which are more tourist-y and formal.

4. Become a backpacker. Packing light has many advantages, especially those associated with avoiding baggage fees at airports. If you need help with packing light, check out our blog post titled “How To Live Out of a Suitcase”.

5. Stay at hostels instead of fancy hotels. Not everyone has friends they can stay with, especially if the destination is brand new to you. In this case, you will need to stay at hostels, which can be hundreds of dollars cheaper per night than any hotel! And some of them are pretty nice. Go online and you will find tons of travel blogs that discuss the best hostels. There are even websites dedicate to rating hostels all over the world. Some even offer Wi-Fi! And make sure to make friends when you get to your destination, so that next time you can do tip #2!

6. Ask the locals where to go. Ever heard of the phrase “tourist trap?” One meaning of this is that they overcharge for everything! Even bottled water will be four times as much as normal. Vendors know that travelers don’t know where to go or what to do in a foreign country, so they charge them whatever they want. You need to learn where the locals go to eat and for entertainment, so you can pay what the locals pay.

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