How To Travel Standby

Some people are unaware of what traveling “standby” actually entails. Yet, many people do this in order to get cheaper airfares. No fret, the travel experts here at ComFi will explain exactly what it means, and how to do it.

When you need to travel by air, you typically book a ticket with an airline. This is considered traveling with a reservation. Simple enough. Hence, traveling standby means traveling without a pre-booked reservation. Some frequent travelers swear that this tactic has always gotten them a cheap seat.

Arrive at the airport ad speak to an agent or airline rep. It is suggested by many that you be there in person, to increase your chances of getting on the standby list. Ask to be on the list. In case the plane is not filled before departure, any leftover seats will be given to the people on the standby list at reduced cost.

It is a gamble because one, not all airlines offer standby lists; and two, you are not actually guaranteed a seat. You are “on call”, if you will, in case the airline has extra seats that need filling. Airlines lose money on each empty seat on each flight, so they always prefer to fill seats, even for a lower-than-desired price. This is why some airlines accept standby passengers. Also, you don’t have a choice as to which flight you take, and you may have to wait around all day for your turn.

However, for some thrifty travelers, the inconveniences of traveling standby are not a problem. There are die-hard standby fans out there who do it every time they travel, preferring to keep their extra money in their pocket, and not in the hands of the airline.

Whatever your travel preferences, don’t forget your ComFi phone card.


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