Calling Cards to India

So you want to call India? The best way to do this is to use ComFi’s homepage. There, you will find a tool that allows you to personalize your calling card choices based on the country you are calling to and the country you are calling from.

For example, say you want to call India from the United States. Enter “Call from” US and enter “Call to” India. You will get a list of cards and rates that apply to this unique search. See the example here.

However, say you want to calling card to India from Australia. Enter “Call from” Australia and enter “Call to” India. The lowest rate is 2.7 cents per minute.

ComFi also offers a service called Assist-Book. This is a great source of information for you if you want to call India. Just go to and type in the search the same way explained above. Instead of getting a list of calling cards to India, you will get a personalized page on Indian calling information.

You can see:
• Country codes
• Current local time
• Currency exchange rates
• A map of the country
• A list of city dialing codes
• A quick list of the best rates

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