Selecting a phone card

Choosing the right phone card for your calling needs can be overwhelming with so many different cards available for purchase!

Here is a little refresher course for those interested in purchasing an online calling card to help you find the best deal.

 Lets say that you are looking for a calling card to call from the US to France.


Rates to cell phones abroad are always higher than rates to land line phones. It is important that you check to make sure that you are searching for the correct rate.

The phone cards will always be listed by price per minute – calling cards with the lowest per minute rates will always be at the top of the page.

Two rate columns are shown for each card.

The green rate given is the charge per minute if you use your card with a local access number. An access number is the very first number that you dial which connects you to your phone card. You can check to see if a local access number is available by clicking on the picture of the calling card, opening the access number tab and selecting your state.

If a local access number is not available you will have to dial a toll free number to connect to your phone card. The rate for a toll free number is usually higher than for a local access number.

The fees column will tell you about any connection or maintenance fees that are associated with your calling card. A maintenance fee is generally charged once a week with some cards charging one time every other week. A connection fee is charged each time you make a phone call using the calling card. The cards with the lowest per minute rates generally have associated fees – so the cards listed at the top can cost more than the ones with higher per minute rates.

The amount of minutes listed here is based on optimal usage patterns. So you would need to call from the USA to France using your Lucky Minutes card one time for 42 hours and 44 minutes straight through to receive this amount of time (otherwise maintenance and connection fees would cause your time to lessen).

It is important to click on the details link to find out any additional information about your phone card. Most of the phone cards we carry have government imposed tax fees per minute which are listed on the detail information page. The standard tax per minute is 15% although it can be higher or lower than this. Although 15% seems like a lot – remember! For the Lucky Minutes Card shown here this tax would cause you to pay 0.8¢/min rather than the 0.7¢/min listed.

This section shows the real five star rating of customers just like you!

Remember! You can always give us a call at 1-800-219-6993 if you need more information about any of the cards!

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