Can you use a phone card while traveling?

In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell forever changed the course of history with the invention a revolutionary communication device – the telephone. Once a luxury of the wealthy, nearly 100 years passed before the creation of prepaid calling cards which provided discounted rates for domestic and international calls and allowed the general public to gain access to communication networks worldwide.

Though phone service has now reached nearly every location in our world and can be accessed by almost every individual on our planet, one aspect of global communication still remains mysterious to many, causing them panic and fear while questioning – how do I call home while traveling internationally?


If you vacation abroad or travel for business – online prepaid phone cards will save you time and money on all of your calls and can help you keep a guaranteed link with family, friends and loved ones back home.

Using a calling card while traveling internationally is easier than it may seem – but it’s important to understand how to use your card while abroad. After purchasing a phone card online, you will receive the PIN number and dialing instructions instantly in your email. This one page email provides all of the information you will need for your calls – no physical card is ever sent to your home.

sample email

Taking a quick look at a phone card email there are two numbers that you will need to make a call while abroad.


To make an international call you must follow three steps

STEP 1 – Dial a local or toll free access number for the country you are currently IN. As several different types of calling cards exist, access numbers are specific to the calling card you have purchased and can be located by clicking the link contained in your personalized email. After clicking this link, select the country you are located in to view access numbers available. You will need to dial a toll free phone number or local number to access your card.

  • EVERY phone number listed for your card for the country you are viewing can be used with your phone card. Several numbers are provided to allow easier access to calling card information. If a local number is listed for the city you are in, please make sure that you will not be charged for calls to that number. If you are unsure about which number to use – ask a local or dial the toll free number listed.

STEP 2 – After dialing an access number, you will hear a voice prompt to enter in your PIN code. Your PIN number is a permanent number (generally 10 digits) that connects you to a personal phone card.

STEP 3 – Dial the number you would like to reach! For calls to the US you must dial 001+ area code + phone number


The Solaris phone card from can be used from over 190+ countries worldwide and provides an excellent connection for international calls. With no maintenance or connection fees and a permanant PIN number – a Solaris card is the perfect travel accessory and can be used any time you are abroad! (Your card can even be used for domestic calls within the US!)

If you ever have questions about making an international call with your prepaid phone card you can contact our friendly US based customer service representatives at 1-800-219-6993

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