Phone card trick

Stop wasting time searching for the best USA prepaid phone cards with our handy “calling card mind-reader” application!

Stare at the vortex above and think about the calling card you’d like to use for domestic USA phone calls. Then, click below to view the card selected for you!

The vortex shows that you’re looking for a calling card:

  • That doesn’t charge you a fee for every call you make.

  • That doesn’t charge you a weekly fee or in fact any additional fees at all.

  • That lets you make calls within the United States for only 2.5¢/minute.

  • That lets you register up to six phone numbers for PIN-less dialing.

  • That lets you call using a local access number OR a toll free number.

  • That has a permanent PIN allowing it to be refilled and used for years.

  • That lets you make international calls using the same phone card details at low rates.

And recommends…

The BIZON phone card!

Truly the best prepaid phone card for saving on calls within the United States! Click on the picture above to purchase your US calling card today!

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