How To Travel Young

It may be intimidating to travel while straight out of high school or college, but this might be just the right time to do so! In fact, it becomes more and more difficult to travel as the years go on and the responsibilities mound. Many young adults take time before starting their career to begin their travel adventure. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish this while still young and lacking in major funds:

1. Set up the free ComFi International Calling Android App or iPhone App. This App allows you to assign each international number a permanent local number and call directly from the address book. As a result, the App will save you time and money on your calls, and keep your travels convenient.

2. Study Abroad while at school, so that you can have adventure while completing your classes. If your university or college offers study abroad, you should really consider taking it. It may be expensive, but it is convenient and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

3. Visit the blog The Grad Gift, in order to find a large list of travel resources for young adults. The author has done a good job of compiling many different travel opportunities for you to review and explore. There volunteering, work abroad, and internship information.

4. Backpack! Now that you’re young, you will have the stamina and sense of adventure for this unconventional type of travel. ComFi has many resources on backpacking, including our post titled The Backpacker’s Guide to Traveling. You will save money by staying at hostels, and you have the potential to visit multiple countries at once. Also, since backpacking is not the conventional tour route, you will meet more locals and immerse yourself even better in the local culture.

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