How To Travel Paris

Paris is known to be the city of lights, or the city of romance! Whatever it is, it is known as one of the most beautiful and famous places in the world, with millions of tourists every year. Don’t forget to bring your ComFi phone card with you! Dialing Codes can be found at

The Metro

Paris has over 11 million people, and with 20 distinct districts of the city. It is huge and diverse, and one of the best ways to navigate it is by metro. It has over 300 stops, so it will get your anywhere in the city. However, walking is the way to go once you enter your desired district. Walking and sight-seeing is the quintessential tourist way, but it is also the local way.

The Top 3 Sights

Go to the top three most-visited sites in Paris, which are the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame. All three are iconic images of the “City of Lights”. The Eiffel Tower is arguably the most recognized structure in the world. Known for its beauty and image of romance, it is an iconic symbol of Paris. There are restaurants on the first and second floor. The third floor can only be accessed by elevator. The Louvre hosts the marvels of history in a winding multiple floors. There are paintings and statues that thousands of tourists see every season. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is a marvel of gothic architecture, and it is famous for the story of the hunchback who allegedly rang its bells.

Food You Want to Try

When you think of French food, there are typical things that come in mind. You will want to have a croissant while sipping your café-au-lait. The moon-shaped bread famously originates from France. And Parisians like their espresso strong, so get ready for a caffeine rush! The more adventurous travelers will want to try the escargot or foie gras, two additional French classics. Snails and goose liver are known to be the best of delicacies.

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