ComFi Launches Unique Referral Program for iPhone App

comfi call international iphone app referral program

If you have been following this blog, you are sure to have come across multiple posts describing ComFi’s social media efforts. Recently, we have integrated our technology into the world of Smartphones.
The ComFi International Calling App is available on both iPhone and Android systems. One of the main benefits of the App is that it imports the international numbers from the users current address book for easy one touch calling. Thus, App users no longer have to memorize dialing codes or country codes when calling internationally.

ComFi new referral program offers our existing and new iPhone customers a couple of unique benefits. When a user refers a friend, a text message is sent to the friend’s phone informing them about the referral. If the friend follows the link and signs up, both users get a $1.00 free credit added to their account.

The referred user actually now has $2.00 of free talk time, because if you recall from our previous post, we told you that we already give $1.00 free credit just for signing up.

The best thing about this referral program is that if the new user refills his/her card  for $20 or more after the original $2.00 are spent, BOTH users get $10.00 added to their accounts.

Therefore, for every friend you refer, you can get $11.00 of free credit and it’s up to 9 hours of talk time!

The referral program is currently only available within the iPhone Comfi Call International application. iPhone customers can refer both iPhone and Android users.

ComFi’s team is working very hard to offer the referral program capability for Android devices as well.

If you want to sign up for the Comfi iPhone or Android App, you can find it in the iTunes Store or Google Play.


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