Chinese Business Practices

Often times, our jobs require us to travel outside of the US to conduct business. If you are visiting China, you should research the differences between our two cultures, in terms of business etiquette. We have very different ways of conducting business, and failure to understand these differences could make your company look rude or inconsiderate.

One important thing to note about Chinese culture is that hierarchy is very observed in business. For example, you will probably only be speaking to people of the same (or lower) rank in the company as your own. If you are the assistant director, you will be speaking to other assistants, or executives in a corresponding position in China. You should probably not attempt to address the President of the company during a business meeting.

If you want to meet with someone of higher ranking than your own, you can accomplish this through what is referred to as a “visit”. Mark Kemsley, a business consultant specializing in Chinese business protocol, explains what “visits” are in this video.

Here are the best rates for calling cards to reach the US from China.


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