Visit New England for a Seasonal Experience


New England is one of the best places in the country to go and watch the weather change. The region has four distinct seasons, unlike many areas in the west that have two. Unlike those places, New England has spring, summer, autumn, and winter.  Because the winter is so freezing, and there is usually snow on the ground, many people like to stay inside in the warmth. However, the winter can be a fun time in New England, if you know what to activities to do!


Take Your Kids to New Hampshire

The Children’s Museum is located in Dover, New Hampshire. There are a variety of exhibits for your child to explore and learn from. One of them is called Dino Detective, where your child can physically dig and discover faux dinosaur bones, mimicking a real-life paleontologist. The One World exhibit teaches children about different cultures. There is a selection of masks and traditional garb from areas all over the world. Finally, the Thinkering Lab is one designed to teach creative problem solving skills by assigning children the mini-roles of designers, engineers, and scientists. Even in the cold weather, you can foster your child’s thirst for knowledge among the scenic view of New Hampshire.


The Camden Snow Bowl

There is nothing more thrilling than racing down an ice chute! You can find the more popular ice chute in New England at the Camden Snow Bowl in Maine. You can watch the races, or you can get into your own toboggans and slide down the chute yourself. The National Championships for toboggan racing happen around February, so you might want to plan your trip for then. Being shot down a large hill at 40 miles per hour is the perfect adventure sport for a New England winter!


Skiing in Vermont

There is tons of skiing and snowboarding in Vermont, as it is part of the winter culture there. Choose this Resort Finder to pinpoint the right resort for you and your family’s unique vacation needs. On the website, there is a really cool tool that lets you sort through the 41 resorts according to your preferences. For example, you can choose whether you want only slopes, or if you want a place that also offers other activities, like skating. You can also specify the amount of art and culture available for exploration, and how important it is to you to have fine dining nearby.


Stay in Touch

Whatever you choose to do this winter in New England, make sure that you can make long distance calls back home quickly and easily. On ComFi’s website, you can find the most affordable calling rates for phone calls from the US to other places inside the US. There is no need to worry about roaming charges on your cell phone, because a calling card has only one rate. Also, you can refill it online, or through the ComFi App.


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