How to Use an Online Phone Card

Have you ever gone into a convenience store or drug store and bought an international calling card? It probably looked like a rectangular piece of plastic, much like a credit card, and it came attached to a sheet containing a bunch of numbers and rates.


The most important parts of that calling card are 1) the dialing code, 2) the access number, and 3) the PIN number on the card itself.


All three of these numbers can be given to you without the physical card. This is basically the concept of an online calling card: you get all three of these important numbers emailed to you (or they can be viewed online on your persona, safe, and secure account), without the physical card that you hold in your hand (which is basically useless without these numbers anyways).


When you create an account at, you will be able to use the same process that you use in the convenience store or the drug store to purchase your card:


1)      You will decide which country you want to call.
2)      You will look at the rates presented on the card, and you will decide how much money you want to spend.
3)      You will purchase the calling card using cash, credit, or debit.
4)      You will follow step by step instructions given you by the card (or if online, the instructions will be given to you by email) about which number to dial first, second, and third.


This same exact process can be done online at, except it is actually more convenient online because you don’t even have to leave the house to make your purchase. Also, online, you can look up individual country codes that will make your calling process even easier. And ComFi offers some of the best rates on the web because of the company’s extensive variety of calling cards available, so you can look up the rates and be assured that you will be making smart, cheap international calls –  although rates may vary depending on which calling card you choose and which country you are calling.


If you need more help using online calling cards, ComFi provides further instructions on its website.


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